Polyaspartic, Epoxy, or Both?

Buyer Beware

Don’t be misled by companies bold claims

Don’t be misled by the bold claims that companies make in that Polyurea or Polyaspartic is 5 – 20 times stronger than epoxy.  This is just not true. Where they mislead you is that this comparison is made between the DIY epoxy kits from the big box home improvement stores.  They want you to believe that all epoxies are the same as those inferior DIY epoxy kits.

Polyurea & Polyaspartics are indeed great products, especially for the clear protective top coat, but not necessarily the best choice for the base coat for a garage floor coating system.  In Fact, if there’s moisture in your concrete above 3 pounds or 5.5%, then a moisture blocking primer epoxy must be used.  WHY? Because these types of primer epoxies have a stronger adhesion to ensure the strength and bond to the concrete is not compromised.

Why don’t they use the moisture blocking primer epoxy to begin with since it’s much stronger?  And then the polyaspartic for the top coat?  Here’s why. These companies use polyurea or polyaspartic for the base AND top coats so they can use the same product for both.  It’s less expensive for them but not necessarily the best for you.  Then when they perform a moisture test and determined that a moisture blocking primer epoxy needs to be used, they’ll charge extra for it.


You deserve not to be misled right from the beginning.  We, at Garage Expressions, always use a moisture blocking primer epoxy on every garage floor, then the decorative flakes followed by the clear polyaspartic top coat.  We always have.  And we don’t charge extra for it.  Polyurea/Polyaspartic is much better suited for the protective top coat which is what we use for that.

How strong are our floors?  Watch this video!  You be the judge.

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