Strongest Adhesion

That’s correct.  Truly the strongest adhesion.  Don’t be mislead by the polyasprtic or polyurea only companies that’ll tell you what they use is up to 20X stronger than epoxy.  What they fail to tell you is that they’re comparing to the DIY epoxy kits from the big box hardware store.  In fact, if you have moisture vapor emissions above three pounds, they have to a primer epoxy to hold back that much pressure.  So why not just use a vapor barrier primer epoxy to begin with?  Garage Expressions does.  And we don’t charge you extra for it either.

Clearly stronger than concrete

In the video seen here, our vapor stop primer epoxy was applied to this concrete floor.  And while the primer epoxy was still wet, the brick was placed on top and everything allowed to cure together.

Well, as you can see, our primer epoxy base coat is stronger than concrete. When the brick is hit a couple times with a hand sledge, the concrete floor failed.  Not the epoxy bond.

We’ll diamond grind your floor, patch any cracks, apply our primer epoxy, broadcast the decorative flakes, and top it off with our polyaspartic top coat.  Lifetime warranty!

Strongest adhesion

Easy to clean

Lifetime warranty